Former Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Should Not Receive Buyout

By Phil Naegely

Head coach Mike Rice was fired from Rutgers University for abusive actions towards his players. Video evidence caught him hitting, kicking, and saying anti-gay slurs towards his players.

Surprisingly, he is now coaching 12-year-olds and the parents are okay with him doing so. Rutgers President Robert Bachari announced today that the school and Rice have come to a settlement agreement which will pay Rice $475,000 for the remaining two years left on his contract.

“Tonight’s agreement is in the best interests of the university, and I am pleased this issue has been resolved,” president Barchi said in a statement. Earlier in the day Barchi was questions by state lawmakers over the scandal.”

According to ESPN, “Under his contract, Rice was owed a little more than $1 million for the next two years at 75 percent of his contract amount, plus an additional $100,000 for completing the 2012-13 season as coach.” So the school is saving money, but they should not be paying him anything. Rice deserved to be fired.

If a parent replicated what Rice did to his players, most likely the parent would be facing a child abuse sentence. His actions were unacceptable and Rutgers has more than enough cause to fire Rice. There should be no compensation given to Rice, and he should definitely not be coaching 12-year-old children.

Ironically, Barchi would not approve of a hefty payout for Rice, “”My personal position is that the university was damaged by his actions. My personal position is there was conduct there that was unethical, not acceptable.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie chimed in on this issue as well saying that Rice “should have been fired for cause.” In the end, this incident shows us there is something wrong with society. Rice gets paid for abusing his players and is now coaching players younger than the ones he bullied.

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