Iowa Hawkeyes to Don the Ugliest But Best Uniforms Ever

By Joseph Nardone
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Man, does sports apparel companies love to overdo their styling when it comes to re-imagining a program’s uniforms. Case in point, every school that donned those Zumba-ish outfits during the big dance this past season. In fact, no teams are safe from the harsh reality of companies going all bonkers over a uniform, not even the Iowa Hawkeyes. has posted pictures of the supposed new uniforms on their website. I highly suggest you go check it out here, but do make sure to come back and read the rest of this when you are done.

Did you notice all of the “stuff” going on in those uniforms? There was a beak or something, what can only be compared to an “angry bird” as well as a nice little “caw-CAW” slogan on the back. I mean what else can you say about these things other than that they are the biggest uniform abomination of all time.

Well, personally I think it is so bad that it has now become the greatest uniforms to ever grace the planet — I am serious. There will not be a single team in the nation to don such a — for a lack of a better adjective — atrocious uniform. No one will ever confuse Iowa with another team in the entire nation.

I am sure some of the players will not be super-high on the “look” of their new uniform. Although, I think the fanbase may end up loving it. Heck, I don’t buy uniforms or even root for the Hawkeyes, yet I find myself desperately wanting to purchase the complete uniform from whoever plans on selling those bad boys.

Sometimes life is just as awesome and strange as we think it is. This my friends is the most awesome thing I’ve come across since sliced bread as a youngster.

Nike is the designer of the uniform.


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