Steve Taylor Jr. A Key to Marquette Golden Eagles' Future Success

By Joseph Nardone
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Marquette Golden Eagles are losing some pretty good players to things which they cannot control. Most importantly, Vander Blue deciding to go pro, which has put a gaping hole of productivity in all things Marquette basketball related. Buzz Williams is going to need some returning players to fill that void. Possibly, none more so than Steve Taylor Jr.

Taylor was only a freshman last season. While he didn’t contribute in big ways for the Golden Eagles, it does not mean he is or won’t end up being a good player. Most realize that in Williams’ system, freshmen are rarely given the chance to shine or even get remotely the minutes on the court to showcase their skills. It is what it is. Although, Taylor did look pretty good in the limited time he saw on the court.

His sophomore season is going to be huge for the Golden Eagles as well as himself. Williams is going to look for Taylor to take a huge developmental jump forward in his talents. Taylor has already shown the ability to work hard on the glass, however, Williams will need him to become a better, overall offensive player.

Williams has already stated in the past that he feels Taylor is one of the best players he has every recruited, as well as having an absurd amount of potential in his body. If Taylor works hard to improve his game, lives up to the projected potential Williams has for him and develops his body in a normal fashion that any young person does, it is not inconceivable that Taylor could end up being a regular member for the Marquette rotation or even a starter.

Projecting potential is really hard, but if Williams is that high on the kid it is hard to control one’s excitement for the possibility of Taylor becoming a special player.


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