Tony Chennault Reportedly Leaving the Villanova Wildcats

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Chennault came to the Villanova Wildcats program last season under the assumption that he would have a real shot at starting. Technically he did. Although, he just didn’t do enough to earn a spot with the starting team. Rather, Chennault was used more as a warm body coming off the bench instead of a pivotal player in Jay Wright‘s rotation.

Since he was not getting the playing time he was hoping for, Chennault is reportedly going to transfer from the program. According to CBSJohn Goodman (not the awesome, heavy-set actor), Chennault is going to request for his release from the team as soon as humanly possible. Per the NCAA, transfer requests take a minimum of seven days to process.

When Chennault came to Nova, the NCAA granted him a waiver which allowed him to play immediately. Now, however, the odds of him being awarded another such waiver are slim. From most folks in the know (mainly Goodman), it looks like he is going to have to take his talents to a lower-level of hoops if he wants to play in the very near future.

The point guard only has one year of eligibility left in the wonderful world of collegiate hoops. Chennault is definitely a solid player. Although, losing him will not be a huge monumental loss for the Wildcats. Wright always does a good job of recruiting and considering Chennault was not a vital part of the team this year anyways, the loss of the guard will be a fairly smooth transition.


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