What are the Odds of Andrew Wiggins Committing to Florida State?

By Joseph Nardone
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Not that I condone gambling or anything, but using a book-making formula to figure something out — that we really have no clue about what is going on — is a pretty fun thing. One example of something that everyone is reporting on, but no one knows anything about, is the recruitment of top-tier prospect, Andrew Wiggins.

A few days ago, a person on the Twitter machine set the world a buzz. The reporter, who had one “reliable” source, tweeted that Wiggins was going to commit to the Florida State Seminoles in the relative near future. Eventually the report was shot down by Wiggins himself. He took to the mean streets of Twitter and let everyone know that nobody knows anything about his possible decision other than him.

That just leaves us with the ability to take random guesses as to where he plans on going. From everything reported, however, it does seem like he has narrowed down his search to four schools, FSU, the Kentucky Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks and the North Carolina Tar Heels.

If we were to put a percentage or an odd on it, Florida State would have to bring up the rear in almost every category that we assume kids use to decide where they attend college. Each of the three other schools have a more historic program, a coach who is entrenched in the program and are always in the hunt for deep runs in the big dance–FSU, not so much.

Still, the Seminoles have one key characteristic that the others school lack. There is one advantage that would make someone completely understand as to why Wiggins may end up going there. Yes, that is right, it is the much overlooked and highly under appreciated warm weather factor.

Would that be enough to shove Wiggins in that direction? I don’t know, it is not like some of the other programs don’t offer nice weather as well. Maybe not Florida nice, but it won’t be the Arctic or anything. However, it takes the Seminoles from only having a puncher’s chance at him to a team who honestly has a legit shot at getting him to commit.

Would I put my money on Wiggins going to FSU? Not with my money, but if you can just spot me a few bucks…


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