Former Duke Blue Devils Guard Seth Curry to Miss 2013 NBA Draft Workouts

By Joseph Nardone
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As if Seth Curry did not have a tough enough time dealing with living in the shadow cast by his brother or father. Now, the former Duke Blue Devils guard is going to miss the pre-draft workouts. Curry, who underwent a minor surgery on Monday, is now officially out of almost all of the NBA Draft related pokes and prods.

This is not great news for Curry. On many experts’ mock drafts, Curry is slated to go very late in the second-round or to go undrafted. Showcasing his abilities in a smaller setting could have done wonders for the sharpshooter. Like his brother, Steph Curry, the knock against him going to the pros is his size, being a possible one trick pony and whether or not he can contribute in the NBA. Good thing for him, his brother has turned out just fine in the league.

Curry is not really worried about being unable to participate in the workouts. He told the Charlotte Observer, “That it helps just having the GMs and teams know what I did on one leg all season.” Which is a pretty optimistic way of hoping general managers take the viewpoint of playing injured translating to being a solid player in the NBA.

Many did not realize how hurt Curry was during the season. Some of his teammates have stated that they were amazed by his ability to play with such an injury. Even if Curry does go undrafted, but a team takes a flier out on him, I think they may end up being pleasantly surprised in what they have gotten.

I mean, it’s not like three-point specialists are growing on trees these days.


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