Kansas State Wildcats Yet Another Big 12 Team That Disappointed In 2013 NCAA Tournament

By Trevor Lowry
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas State Wildcats received a No. 4 seed in the 2013 NCAA Tournament and they could not even make it to the round of 32, which makes them yet another Big 12 team that disappointed in the dance.

No one really considered the Wildcats as a national championship caliber type of team until they beat the Florida Gators in non-conference play. Although at the time it may have seemed like a fluke to some, Kansas State got better and better from that point on.

In fact, the Wildcats challenged for a Big 12 title and actually won a share of the regular season conference title. The team that they tied with was Kansas, but when was the last time the Jayhawks didn’t at least win a share of the title?

Anyways, K State, Oklahoma State and Kansas all entered this year’s tourney with very high expectations. Unfortunately, Kansas State and Oklahoma State each lost in their first games of the Big Dance and the Jayhawks only made it to the Sweet 16.

Although all three of these teams had great seasons, that was clearly not the case come tourney time.

Maybe next year the Big 12 will do better in the dance, but now K State and the rest of the Big 12 will have to wait an entire offseason before they can redeem themselves next season. We all know Kansas will be good again next year, since it literally always is, but will the Wildcats have the talent to make another run at the conference title or in the NCAA Tournament? I guess that time thing will eventually tell.


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