Louisville Cardinals are Winners Like Dolph Ziggler

By Joseph Nardone
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, I like wrestling. While my youth may be quickly passing me by, I haven’t lost memories of watching Marty Jannetty win the Intercontinental Title from his ex-tag team partner back in the day. So I guess that either makes me a huge loser or a person who carries an unhealthy amount of wrestling knowledge around in his dome.

Luckily for me, however, the WWE mentioned the Louisville Cardinals on their flagship program, Monday Night Raw, and now I get to talk about it.

You see, the WWE has a wrestler named Dolph Ziggler. The man sports wickedly horrible bleach-blonde hair and also happens to be the World Heavyweight Champion (or whatever they call it. They have two major titles for some reason). Ziggler is probably the company’s best in-ring performer, although, he does need a small amount of work to get better rocking the microphone.

Ziggler’s inability to be a great talker, however, did not prevent him from giving the Cardinals a little love on Monday Night Raw.


That was Ziggler comparing himself to the Cardinals — as in they are both winners. Technically, he is correct. The biggest difference though is that Louisville never had to use steel chairs to beat down anyone or jump off the top-turnbuckle to help them secure the National Title this season. Rather, the Cardinals relied much more on actual basketball talents. But I digress …

Here is what we learned today, kids. Louisville and a professional wrestler named Dolph Ziggler are both winners. Think the Heavyweight Champ is wrong? Well, you go tell him.


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