Alex Etherington Headed to Play for Indiana State Sycamores

By Joseph Nardone
Paul Halfacre-USA TODAY Sports

Being knee-deep in recruiting season is not always the funnest thing to brag about to your friends. Not every move is about some top-tier prospect deciding to take his talents to a humorously elite college basketball program. Sometimes, more often than not actually, a kid picking a school may not have an impact for years — that is if they have an impact at all.

Still, there are often times that a player decides to join a program with very little fanfare. Instead of fireworks being shot in the air, a fan base becoming increasingly unstable with excitement or people like myself throwing headlines out telling you how “team x” just won the recruiting cycle; a move could just be a move that helps bolster a team’s potential chance at success down the road.

The Indiana State Sycamores hope that fireworks will eventually be shot in the air, but have reasonable expectations for a team that finished fifth in their conference last season as well as managed to win 18 games. However, the signing of Alex Etherington is a little more exciting than I may have been making it out to be.

ESPN has Etherington ranked as a two-star prospect, although, it is not like Indiana State has been known to bring in five-star prospects into the program as of late. Getting someone who was very solid production wise in high school (18 points and six boards per game) is a good way to start adding to a roster while hoping he develops into something special down the road.

Etherington might not get some wacky headline letting the world know he has arrived in college, but you just never know. Maybe in two or three years he will be talked about being one of the best mid-major players in the country. Or, maybe not — who knows?


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