Eddie Jordan To Be the New Head Coach For Rutgers Scarlet Knights

By Trevor Lowry

Lucky or not, Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Eddie Jordan will be the new head coach for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Rutgers has been in the news a lot lately–as you may know–thanks to Mike Rice, the athletic director and the assistant coach no longer being apart of the school. Not to mention, players are transferring left and right.

To say that this will be a tough job would be a huge understatement. Jordan is taking over a program that completely needs to be rebuilt. However, in the Scarlet Knights’ case, this is not only on the court. Although wins and losses are a big thing for any college basketball team, the image of this program needs to be restored, which could be the hardest part for Jordan.

Before all of this madness hit the news, Rutgers was still a bad basketball team. The Scarlet Knights finished 15-16 on the year. Jordan is the lucky person who has to come in and turn around this program. To make matters even worse, many players are transferring and there is probably not a whole lot of high school players that want to come to Rutgers now.

However, being an assistant for the Los Angeles Lakers, I am sure that Jordan can lure some players to the program.

Jordan is a very strong man for wanting to take over this program and it would be a great story if he could not only lead his team to victory on the court, but help restore the image of Rutgers off the court, as well.


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