Former Clemson Tiger Terrell McIntyre Making Donation to Athletic Facilities

By Joseph Nardone
JD Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We usually think of power hungry folks who just want their name etched on a wall when “donations” are made to a university. Whether it is a booster who made billions in a tricky scheme, an alumnus who has done well for himself on Wall Street or a family who has a rich history with the university many of them are donating as much to seem philanthropic, as they are to actually help the school. That is not to say they don’t all mean well, but some mean much more well than others.

Then there is the curious case of donations from people who are not worth billions. These folk seem to be giving up some much earned cash for a more simple reason. It is not because they want a dining room named after them, but want to legitimately help out the university in the same way they feel the school has helped them.

That is where former Clemson Tigers guard Terrell McIntyre falls in. McIntyre did not make it in the NBA nor is he a high-profile Wall Street exec. Rather, he is a guy who has spent the majority of his post-college playing career overseas where he has made a decent name for himself with the Montepaschi Siena (an Italian League club) to the point of that franchise retiring his jersey.

Now, however, McIntyre wants to give back to his alma mater. The school told the AP that he is giving a “significant” donation to go towards the enhancement of the basketball facilities. McIntyre has apparently asked for the amount to remain confidential. Meaning, he is doing this for the school and not to further his image within the community.

McIntyre played for Clemson from 1995 thought the 1999 seasons and led the league in scoring his senior year with 17.9 points per game.


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