Massachusetts Minutemen Offeason Notes and Tidbits

By Joseph Nardone
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The college basketball offseason is a place where fans’ expectations for their favorite team start to grow to unhealthy levels. It is a space in time where everyone knows as much about college hoops as the rest of the nation.

It is pretty simple as to why that is — it is because no one knows every single little detail that goes on in a locker room in April.

That is where the Massachusetts Minutemen come in. Their offseason has been fairly consistent with how every other program in the nation is handling theirs. A transfer here, a recruit there and a Jesse Morgan getting booted off a team over there — wait … what?

Over ten days ago, it was reported by numerous media outlets the Morgan was being forced to withdraw from the team. They also made it clear that Morgan was appealing the decision. Then, with a blink of an eye, no more news came from the situation.

We will not assume anything here, although it could be as simple as due-process taking place.

Other things far less exciting and strange happened. We found out that UMass was going to participate in the Charleston Classic, which starts in November. To be honest, however, that is all the UMass news we have so far through the offseason. Their recruiting has been relatively quiet and the Morgan news was definitely the biggest thing to happen.

Hopefully at some point, further details or reports will be released describing exactly what happened between the school and Morgan.


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