The Senate Takes Time to Honor the Louisville Cardinals

By Joseph Nardone
Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Winning a National Championship will bring a team a bunch of new perks that were previously too elusive or exclusive. Whether it be more opportunities down the road as far as their playing career goes or just the general extra exposure that comes with winning the whole shebang, the Louisville Cardinals are currently in the midst of getting to reap all the benefits.

That is not to say that they like everything that they are currently doing. Some of the stuff — especially for the players — are pretty mundane and down right unimportant to a 19-year-old kid. That is why I wonder how much they actually care that the Senate took time out of their busy schedule to “honor” the team by “passing” a bill.

Yes, led by Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution in which the Louisville team, as well as Rick Pitino by name, are to be officially honored, I guess?

The resolution only names a few key players along with Pitino, and briefly acknowledges the women’s team. Meaning, even when the Senate are trying to pass a fake bill in an effort to be more likable, they cannot even go that extra one step and add seven more names to a piece a paper.

The U.S. Senate, where a little part of our hearts die after every “bill” gets passed. But hey, I wonder if Russ Smith thinks the Senate floor is more Russdiculous than himself?


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