USC Trojans Grab an Assistant from Andy Enfield's Backyard

By Joseph Nardone
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I hate those SyFy movies that are a straight rip-off of those big blockbusters that are about to hit the screen. You know, when they just change the movie title a little bit so you might get tricked into watching it on a lonely Saturday night?

Well, that is how I currently feel about the USC Trojans trying to do their best to be the closest version of the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles as humanly possible.

I am not blaming them for attempting to improve their basketball product. Teddy Ruxpin knows that they desperately need to throw rears in those seats, and the hiring of Andy Enfield has seemingly helped generate the intended buzz.

Whatever USC may be lacking in originality, hopefully they can make up for it and do something better than those blockbuster movie rip-offs never have been able to do — improve on the original.  Still, their inability to come up with new ideas on their own has not stopped them from continuing to pick at the remains of Florida Gulf Coast, as the Trojans announced that they have hired former FGCU assistant, Kevin Norris.

Norris spent the previous two seasons as an assistant under Enfield. Since the two know each other and are familiar with FGCU’s style of play, this will obviously help Enfield’s transition be a lot smoother.

That is right kids, USC is the “I am Omega” of college basketball. Not even the original was “that” good, but someone felt the need to try to cash in on it.


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