Louisville Cardinals Guard Russ Smith Adding Suspense to Wednesday

By Joseph Nardone
Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

If it is going to be the biggest decision of your life, well, then there is nothing wrong with waffling on what you actually plan to do. Just ask Louisville Cardinals guard, Russ Smith, about how hard it has been for him to decide on what he wants to do about going to the NBA or coming back to the program for his senior season.

Initial reports (Smith’s father) had the Russdiculous player heading to the NBA. It seemed all but set in stone that one of the country’s funnest volume-shooters was going pro in basket-making. Then, one Rick Pitino quote later, it seemed like Smith was still very unsure of what his plans for the future were.

According to several outlets, Smith could make a decision to play for the NBA or Louisville as soon as this Wednesday. According to this tweet (from a person who covers the Cardinals very closely), Smith is having a very hard time deciding what to do.

What might be the most strange aspect of this story (which is not that strange to begin with) is the fact that Smith is probably a second-round player if he were to declare this year. I am not sure how much more he can improve his draft stock by coming back another year but as I have stated in the past, whichever decision he makes is the right one — because it is his decision and not ours.


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