Doug McDermott Has Been A Beast For the Creighton Bluejays

By Trevor Lowry
Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Plain and simple, Doug McDermott has been a beast for the Creighton Bluejays.

McDermott stands at 6’8” and he is arguably the best shooter in college basketball. He shot 54.8 percent from the field and 49 percent from behind the arc this year. No big deal, considering that he was ranked in the top 10 this season when it came to three-point percentage.

However, it would be nearly impossible not to mention how many points he scores per game. McDermott was second in the nation in points per game during the regular season with 23.1. He was only a junior this year for the record.

When McDermott is on the court, he is going to score at will and that is final. Here are some side notes to his game: he shot 87.5 percent from the charity stripe and grabbed 7.7 rebounds per game on the season.

Any and all NBA teams should be raving about this player. His shooting ability is out of this world and once again, he stands at 6’8”. Not many people that tall can make 77 threes on the year as efficiently as he did. McDermott sometimes falls under the radar for playing for a mid-major team, but Creighton is good on a yearly basis.

We can talk about Ben McLemore, Trey Burke and a bunch of other players that had great seasons, but McDermott has been just as good ever since he stepped foot on a basketball court in college.

Last season he put up over 20 points per game and in his freshman year he averaged near 15 points per game. He is a scoring machine and has been one of the best players in college basketball ever since joining Creighton.


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