Louisville Guard Russ Smith Officially Returning to Program

By Joseph Nardone
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It is getting awfully close to that time when kids have to make a definitive decision on whether or not they plan on returning to the realm of college hoops for another year.

With the deadline only being four days away (April 28) for student-athletes to declare their intentions, the next few days are going to run the gambit of thought processing by these players. Things like waffling, indecision and the like are going to keep them up all hours of the night.

For Louisville Cardinals guard Russ Smith, however, his decision-making time is now officially over, as he has declared that he plans on bringing his Russdiculous talents back to the program for his senior season.

You may recall the initial reporting after the Cards won the National Championship game stated that Smith was actually going to take his talents to the professional levels. Despite the fact that the “source” of the initial reports was Smith’s father, it wouldn’t have shocked anyone if that is what he ended up doing — even though many draft “experts” do have Smith listed as being a second-rounder for this year’s draft at best.

Now, thanks to a Rick Pitino-sponsored press conference, we know that Smith is, without a question of a doubt, coming back. It is fairly safe to assume he is doing so because he likes playing for Louisville as well as wants to continue to improve his draft stock, meaning Smith will need to bulk up his physical build and become a more efficient basket-maker.

There is a few lessons to be learned by Smith’s decision. None bigger, however, then to never trust a player’s daddy as a key source for information.


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