Louisville Sharpshooter Luke Hancock Shaving Beard for Cancer

By Joseph Nardone
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Not everything about the college basketball offseason has to do with transfers, recruits or which coach has gotten fired. Sometimes it has to deal with the kind of shaving that the NCAA doesn’t sanction programs over.

That is correct, even the NCAA is okay with a little beard-shaving as long as it is for the sake of raising money for cancer awareness.

The last time we saw Luke Hancock, he was single-handedly helping the Louisville Cardinals erase a first-half deficit in the National Championship game. During his run of three after three, all the nation could think to themselves was — hey, what a fancy looking facial hair look that young man has going on.

Well, I hope you enjoyed Hancock’s run of bearded success. After his teammate Russ Smith makes an announcement whether or not he is taking his Russdiculous talents to the pros, Hancock plans on shaving his beard while trying to raise as much money as humanly possible for cancer awareness.

It is a neat, simple gesture that shows the human quality side to student-athletes. For Hancock, whose father is ill (unknown what type of illness), this will certainly further endear him into the hearts and minds of everyone who has already been a fan of him, as well as adding a few new Hancockians (I made it up. Not a real word) along the way.

The event of facial hair extinction should happen around 5 pm eastern standard time. Whether he is going with a straight-razor, a Bic or a electric razor has not been publicly announced.


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