2014 Recruit Grayson Allen Commits to Duke Blue Devils

By Joseph Nardone
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that colleges can recruit kids out of diapers is one of the bigger things that separates them from their professional counterparts. With something as “fun” and “important” as the NFL Draft going on tonight, it almost seems silly to be discussing what kind of an impact a player can have two seasons from now when they join a program.

Still, colleges will try to get kids to commit to their schools a few years in advance. All they have to go off of is high school tape, some AAU games, as well as a scout on the Internet telling them how good or bad they are. The NFL has college tape, combines and pro days to help them “always” know who is the right guy to select.

Enough of me downplaying the importance of tonight’s NFL Draft.

Something equally as unimportant to the immediate future of the sporting world has also been announced. 2014 recruit, Grayson Allen, has decided to take his talents to the Duke Blue Devils.

Allen is ranked as the 31st best recruit in the nation according to many scouting websites. He is known as a guy who can shoot, score and every other generic term a “scouting” report can say (what, no high-motor?).

We won’t know how good Allen actually is until he throws on a pair of shorts and starts performing in the college ranks. Regardless, it is a neat and exciting signing for the Blue Devils.

Just like the NFL Draft, the move will provide false hope — based on assumptions and possibilities that we can’t know until the player actually, you know, plays.


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