Creighton Superstar Doug McDermott is Returning for 2013-14 Season

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Time is quickly running out on college basketball players to make the biggest decision of their lives. Sunday is the deadline for players to declare early entry into the glorious world known as the NBA. Being that a lot of things need to be accounted for like draft stock, love of school and financial concerns it is no surprise when they hold off their announcement until the last few days.

That brings us to Creighton BlueJays super-duper-star, Doug McDermott, who has been a collegiate basket-making marvel since he started his career with Creighton. In fact, the past two seasons highlighted McDermott’s talents to such a degree that he was named MVC player of the year in both campaigns.

Before the press conference even happened today many draft experts had McDermott slotted as a late first-round selection or a relatively early second-round choice, meaning McDermott may not get picked in the land where money comes guaranteed (first-round is guaranteed as the second is not).

Well, a decision by McDermott needed to be made and like all players faced with such a life-altering dilemma, he held a press conference to announce his intentions for his basketball journey.

At the press-conference, McDermott officially announced his intentions to return to the school for his senior year. Well, technically he announced his decision a few seconds before the presser on the mean streets of Twitter.

Now, every fan of Creighton can collectively take a deep sigh of relief as their talented player is officially returning to the school.

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