Doug McDermott's Decision To Play Senior Year With Creighton Bluejays

By Trevor Lowry
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Doug McDermott will be returning for his senior year for the Creighton Bluejays, according to ESPN. However, is he making the right decision by doing so?

Here are McDermott’s stats from this past season: 23.2 points per game, 7.7 rebounds per game, 54.8 percent from the field and 49 percent from behind the arc.

Now, let’s look at it from both standpoints.

If McDermott would have gone pro, he would have been drafted in the 2013 NBA Draft, or so I think NBA teams are sane enough to draft him. McDermott would have not been the best player coming out of the draft, but he would have been a very familiar name. Not to mention, NBA teams want him since he shoots lights out. His 6’8” stature is the final selling point.

Since McDermott decided to return for his senior year, he will not only go down as one of the best Creighton players of all time, but one of the best college basketball players of all time. That is how good he is. Like most college basketball players, McDermott probably wants to win a national championship. Well, now he has the chance to do that in his senior year.

It is not like McDermott is going to get worse. Opposing teams can watch film on him all they want, but McDermott is still going to score the basketball and rebound at a high rate. His draft stock may fall and it may go up. Unless if a bunch of players do not perform how they are supposed to, his stock will likely stay the same or drop though.

However, there is always that chance that he takes his team on a deep run in the NCAA Tournament, which will naturally increase his draft stock.

Anyway you look at it, McDermott would have made a good decision. He is eventually going to be in the NBA and his talent cannot be denied at any level.

McDermott made the right decision, though, because he will get drafted next year and he now has a chance to be one of the best players in college basketball history. He will eventually make millions of dollars, but he is just prolonging that by a year so he can finish up at school with his team.

He will also get to spend one more season with his dad, since he is the head coach of the Bluejays.


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