Michigan State Spartans Pick Up Recruit Alvin Ellis III

By Trevor Lowry
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan State Spartans could possibly have one of the best teams in college basketball next season. I am sure everyone has heard that a time or two before. Whether the case, Alvin Ellis III will be apart of that team, since he has committed to the Spartans, according to ESPN.

Ellis III is not the highest rated recruit for college basketball, but the Spartans will definitely take him. Although it is hard to say how much playing time he will get for the team next season, he could have an impact on this team in the future.

Ellis III could definitely be a contributor on the offensive side of the ball, since he did average 20 points per game last season. At 6’4”, Ellis III would be best positioned at shooting guard, but Gary Harris will be back on the team next season and he is clearly going to be the starting shooting guard.

Harris averaged 12.9 points per game as a freshman.

Although I am sure Ellis III would like to make an immediate impact on this team–probably the case for every freshman–there is no saying on if he will or will not. It is not like Ellis III is a 5-star recruit or anything, but that does not mean he won’t be a good player for the team.

Just like players going from college to the NBA, it is very hard to tell how a player will fair when making the leap from high school to college basketball.

Ellis III was formerly a Minnesota recruit, so anytime you can steal a recruit from a conference foe it is a good thing and this is definitely the case with Ellis III.


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