Did You Know the DePaul Blue Demons Still have a Hoops Program?

By Joseph Nardone
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

College sports has a lot to do concerning money. I am not even mentioning all the money grabbing universities that only conformed to a playoff format in football because it meant more money — not because they saw how broken the BCS was. I mean an athletic department can make their athletic programs fairly competitive just by throwing some dollars at it (assuming they can afford to do so).

Obviously, not every university is in a location, has the alum or the financial backing to play with the big boys. Money does not grow on trees nor will other universities be happy playing on an even playing field. If they have the cash and you don’t, they will be more than happy to use it to crush the souls of a fanbase.

This brings me to the DePaul Blue Demons. A once proud basketball program has now turned into a Big East Conference bottom feeder. Through some bad coaching changes, an AD who cares far more about taking basketball money and using it to fund a badminton team (kidding, kind of) and not making a coaching change this past season, it is abundantly clear that the people in charge of DePaul hoops just do not care.

By keeping Oliver Purnell — after him showing his inability to grow the program while only showing an ability to further it to the depths of hell — coupled with the fresh start the new Big East was supposed to bring, it continues to make the Blue Demons an afterthought in the world of college athletics.

It is clear that the athletic department feels that a basketball arena should be handed to them instead of showing why they should be awarded one (you know, by caring), cutting ties with a coach whose only ability is to be extremely inept and a fanbase who has now changed from hating the direction of the program to the much worse feeling indifferent towards it — life is not good surrounding the program.

Mind you, all of that spewing of DePaul hatred comes from a person who somehow (through no sense of logic) roots for them to do well. I can’t imagine what people who could care less for them actually think of them. I mean do they even think of them? Or maybe they do, but compare their basketball program to used cars that have been stolen from the lot and subjected to crash-derbies?

But hey, just in case you were nervous, yes, DePaul still (barely) has a basketball program.


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