Former Notre Dame Coach Digger Phelps Diagnosed with Cancer

By Joseph Nardone
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of different reasons why someone would want to work within the realm of sports. It could be the perceived notion of money (there is not a ton), fame (a dumb reason) or because they want to do something for a living in which they love their job (only reason you should).

Then there are people who inspire you to get better at your craft because they have been doing it for so long and so well that it sets the bar to a level where you strive to obtain being half as competent.

Not everyone is a fan of Digger Phelps — I get it. Phelps is best known as the guy who matches his ties with a highlighter on ESPN college basketball shows. He also used to be the head coach for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. In fact, he was a part of one of the biggest upsets in the history of mankind when his Irish edged out the UCLA Bruins in 1974.

Unfortunately, word has now come out that Phelps has already undergone surgery and is currently in a battle with bladder cancer. Phelps released a small statement through ESPN, which he briefly thanked everyone in advance for their thoughts and prayers.

I always enjoyed Phelps despite his ability to sometimes play a character of himself. Always insightful, funny and usually bringing solid assessments to hot college basketball topics, I know I can speak for many when we wish one of the best college basketball TV-personalities a speedy and healthy recovery.


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