LaSalle Explorers Extend John Giannini's Contract

By Joseph Nardone
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, when someone is a doctor they don’t have to rely on something as silly (in the scheme of things) as basketball to make an honest living. Instead, they rely on their smarts, medical knowledge and expertise in a certain area to make all kinds of crazy loot. Well, that is for most doctors, but not Dr. John Giannini.

Giannini led the LaSalle Explorers on a very successful 2012-13 college basketball season. Under his leadership LaSalle amassed 24 wins and eventually made their fist trip to the Sweet 16 since 1955. Proving yet again, the doctor always knows what to prescribe for ailments — the LaSalle fanbase’s ailment was winning and Giannini had a cure.

That is why it is coming to the surprise of no one (not even folks without a medical degree) that the Explorers decided to extend his contract.

Details of the deal have yet to be disclosed, but I think it is safe to assume LaSalle did their best to lockup the doctor for as long as humanly possible. The extension is coming on the heels of not only the run in the big dance, but Giannini being named Big 5 Coach of the Year just last week.

When Giannini took over, LaSalle was not exactly world-beaters. However, after a few seasons at the helm, the Explorers have posted their first back-to-back 20 win seasons since 1990-91. Now, thanks to the contract extension, things are looking bright for the long-term as the program has a doctor leading the way.

What, too many stupid doctor references?


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