Miami Hurricanes Star Shane Larkin Likely Turning Pro

By Joseph Nardone
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Let me get this off my chest before we get going. Personally, in my humblest of opinions, I do not judge any player for declaring early entry on their way to the NBA. It is unfair of us to take guesses and potshots at what is the “right thing to do” with another man’s life. I mean, no one goes to Burger King and tells the fry cook that he should take his talents to Wendy’s (well, maybe they do. I don’t know).

Still, student-athletes are currently in the midst of making the biggest decisions of their lives. Miami Hurricanes star Shane Larkin is no different than any of them.

Although, Larkin does have some advantages that prevent him from declaring early entry for financial worries. He is the son of a living baseball legend, Barry Larkin. Which essentially means that Larkin does not need to cash-in for sake of survival. This makes Larkin’s decision based more so on how he feels about his draft stock, his actual abilities and how much he loves going to school in Miami.

I don’t know how much he loves to go to school or how he feels his game could or should be improved before going pro or not. His draft stock is also a little bit of a mystery. I have seen some experts have him as a possible lottery pick, others late in the first and a few who only have him going early in the second. To be fair, very, very few have him getting out of the first-round.

Larkin’s decision is going to be easier than most. Will he be happier going to school for another year and just being a student-athlete or is he ready to make millions of his own and take on much harder competition?

According to the following tweet, it looks like a decision may have already been made:


As I said before — for Larkin — there is no wrong answer.


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