A Look At Dwayne Davis' One Season With Southern Miss Golden Eagles

By Trevor Lowry
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Southern Miss Golden Eagles were on the outside looking in when the tournament field was announced for the 2013 NCAA Tournament. With that said, the season was not completely lost, especially for senior Dwayne Davis.

Davis played one year with the Golden Eagles and he managed to lead the team with 16 points per game. He also grabbed 4.5 rebounds per game and averaged 2.6 assists per game. For a player that was playing his first season with Southern Miss, Davis was amazing.

The Golden Eagles reached 27 wins on the year and this would not have happened if Davis did not join the team this year. Although Davis was a senior, he played one heck of a year for Southern Miss and will be missed, despite his little time with the team.

Who knows if Davis will make it to the NBA, but he should at least be looked at. Davis 6’5”, so he would be the ideal size for a shooting guard at the next level. Who knows what will happen, but Davis at least has the talent to play professional basketball somewhere, if it does not work out in the NBA.

Davis was able to knock down 59 threes and his 41.3 percent from behind the arc is good no matter who you are. He also shot 48.9 percent from the field and 78.7 percent from the charity stripe.

It is too bad that Davis did not join Southern Miss sooner, but hopefully he makes a professional team, whether that be in the NBA or somewhere overseas.


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