Mike Balado Joins the Louisville Cardinals as an Assistant

By Joseph Nardone
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a coach in the world of college basketball having more success going on all around him more than Rick Pitino? Not only has the Louisville Cardinals coach won the National Championship this past season, but he is also going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in September. Not to mention, his pride and joy, Richard Pitino landed a big boy job with the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

While the news of Pitino getting a tattoo seems to be dominating the news cycle as of late, some smaller but equally as important information has also been released by the university. On Friday, Louisville announced that Mike Balado would be joining the program as an assistant coach.

This is an important move for a variety of reasons. Pitino had a coaching vacancy to fill when Kareem Richardson went on to take a head coaching gig of his own. Not only that, but Balado brings more than just being a warm body on a seat to the program.

What is interesting about this hire is the fact that Pitino’s son was going after his services as well. Balado was a coach’s aid for Richard while he was with the Florida International Golden Panthers. When he got the job with the Golden Gophers, Richard was taking Balado along with him. Then, because hindsight rules, Balado stepped down eight days later, making him available to join the older Pitino’s staff.

The reason(s) for Balado accepting then stepping down from Minnesota are still a bit murky, although all seems to have worked out for him at the end of the day.

However, I think daddy Pitino might need to do some explaining to junior Pitino about this whole situation if they have not done so already. I mean you would get mad if your father went after your sloppy seconds, right?


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