Rumors Now Swirling Around Oklahoma State Cowboys Guard Marcus Smart

By Joseph Nardone
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday, as in tomorrow, is the last day that players can declare early entry to gain a spot in the realm of the NBA. The rule does not give players a lot of time to get some factual information together to make a well-informed decision. Instead, each student-athlete is in a rush to make the biggest decisions of their lives while half the people around them (some self-serving) are telling them to go pro while the fanbase he just played in front of is telling him how he is not ready.

That is why it should shock absolutely no one when a player waffles on his decision a little bit. The college season literally just ended and these kids are expected to make a huge decision based off of assumptions and armchair-scouts’ opinions.

It was not too long ago when Oklahoma State Cowboys guard Marcus Smart officially announced his intentions to return to the program for one more season. That was pretty shocking since many expected Smart to be a top five pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

Well, not so fast my friends. There has been a relatively small rumor circling the mean streets of Twitter (take it for what that is worth) and it has now picked up some steam.

Mind you, as soon as that was tweeted out many people much closer to the program shot it down immediately. The site in which the tweet was sent is a fairly reputable one, although they do not use the word source in the tweet, but just word on the street (one of my favorite sayings I might add).

There is not many hours left until we find out if the Internet’s ability to come up with stories was actually based off of anything substantial. Smart has until Sunday night to decide. Until then, let the rumors fly — I guess.


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