Should 3-Point Shooting Be An Issue During Offseason For Saint Louis Billikens?

By Trevor Lowry
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Saint Louis Billikens had arguably the best season in school history this past year, but they still could not make it out of the round of 32. Looking back, was three-point shooting an issue and should it be something to focus on during the offseason?

Let’s put it this way, the Billikens made seven of 32 shots from behind the arc in the Big Dance. That is a horrible number, even for a team that thrives on its defense.

Saint Louis took 21 attempts from behind the arc against the Oregon Ducks and only made three of them. You are not going to win a basketball game when you take that many threes and make so few of them, especially when the opposing team hits 8-11 from long range.

Cody Ellis led the team in three-pointers made on the season with 62. Unfortunately, he was a senior this past season, so he will not longer be on the team.

The Billikens will still likely have a good team next year, but they have a whole offseason to focus on many different aspects of their game. Three-point shooting should be one of them just for the fact of how that part of their game was so non-existent against Oregon in the dance.

It will be really tough for Saint Louis to match 28 wins once again, but the focus will likely be more on making a deep run in the dance, rather than trying to rack up a bunch of wins because all that it takes for a team’s season to end is one loss in the tournament.


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