North Carolina Is Best Fit for Top Recruit Andrew Wiggins

By Anthony Lenahan
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Andrew Wiggins is still yet to make a decision on where he will be playing college basketball next year.  The prized recruit is still deciding between Florida State, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kansas.  He doesn’t know where he wants to go yet, and neither do we. When will he announce it?  No one has any idea, but it is one of the most anticipated decisions in a long time.

Without knowing anything about which school he is leaning towards or what he will decide, all we can do is look at his options and figure out which one is best and which one gives him the greatest opportunity to excel as an individual, and as part of a team.  No star player wants to be on a team that can’t compete and you have to figure Wiggins isn’t any different.

The University of North Carolina has to be the best fit for Wiggins.  First of all, it is a truly historic and basketball rich university, but so are the other schools Wiggins is looking at.

Where it makes the most sense for Wiggins is the point of him succeeding as both an individual and with his team.  With Reggie Bullock deciding to enter the draft and leave early, it opens up a perfect opportunity for Wiggins.  Roy Williams is a fantastic coach and respects his players and I couldn’t see him not starting P.J. Hairston or Reggie Bullock because of Wiggins, but because Bullock left early, there leaves no questions about that.

Also there really aren’t any playmakers to back up Wiggins and take away significant playing time from him, which is a huge benefit.  If he were to go where most people think is his top choice, Kentucky, he would be just another McDonald’s All-American on the court.  They have so much talent and depth that Wiggins would just be another player in the mix and not stand out as much.

Yes, they would probably be the best college basketball team ever, but he wouldn’t get the attention he deserves.

Also, at UNC, with James Michael McAdoo and P.J. Hairston returning next season, North Carolina is already a top team without Wiggins.  Add in Wiggins and they are a top 5 team easily and could compete for a national title.

At Florida State and Kansas, Wiggins would stand out, but he would barely have enough talent around him to be on a top 25 team.

If Wiggins wants to stand out and be on a team that can compete for a title, North Carolina is where he will end up.

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