Andre Roberson Left the Colorado Buffaloes Just in Time

By Joseph Nardone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Have you ever had a house guest that has clearly overstayed their welcome? The premise is great — your best buddy is sleeping over like old times, and the two of you get to talk, drink and reminisce about all the awesome stuff you had done together.

Then it sinks in. Your friend is not really your friend anymore. He is a 233-pound beast eating stuff in your refrigerator and taking space up on your coach. I mean, when is he going to leave already? He is dangerously close to ruining your relationship forever by not leaving when he promised.

Andre Roberson wasn’t sleeping on the Colorado Buffaloes‘ couch or anything, although I am not sure they figured he would be with the team for as long as he ended up. Coming out of high school, Roberson was going to come in and help change the program and leave for the NBA Draft as a lottery pick.

Fast-forward a few years later, and Roberson is finally leaving. Not that Colorado wanted him to go, but even Roberson knew it was time he stopped eating from their refrigerator and attempt to make millions of his own.

Roberson is projected as a second-round draft pick by most experts. Had he come back for another season — overstaying his college welcome — he could have ended up being an undrafted free agent by the end of next season, which is obviously a serious blow to his NBA future.

Colorado’s relationship with Roberson is ending at the right time. Staying another year could have tarnished their relationship forever. Roberson could end up blaming the coaching staff for potential draft stock woes and the university could blame Roberson for, well, not becoming an NBA lottery pick.

To be honest, however, Roberson was never thought to be a lottery pick coming out of high school. Maybe you are just a bad friend who has unreasonable expectations for your buddies.


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