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Jon Scheyer Heads Back to Duke as a Special Assistant

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Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Jon Scheyer was an extremely talented young man and also a kid who had a bright future when he played basketball at Duke University under Mike Krzyzewski. He was a special kid, but a fantastic basketball player at the same time and that allowed him to have a great bond with his coach and also great success on the court.

After being a captain of the 2010 national championship team, Scheyer graduated from Duke. He is one of those players who is a great college player that you want to see make it to the next level, but he just didn’t have the right type of playing style to make it in the NBA.

He played in the development league and professionally overseas, but things just didn’t quite work out how he planned. As any kid who loves basketball, he wanted to stay involved in the game even though he couldn’t continue to play.

His old coach gave him just that as Coach K hired Scheyer to be his special assistant at Duke University. He will fill in for Coach Chris Collins, who had recently taken the Northwestern head coaching job and special assistant. Nate James then took Collins’ old job. That opened up the special assistant hole that is now occupied by Scheyer.

Coach K calls Scheyer “one of the greatest young men to ever wear the Duke uniform.” Of course, he loves Scheyer as a guy and now he has to be extremely happy to have him on his staff because he can’t be on his team anymore.

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