Oklahoma State Cowboys Returns Enough Talent to be Big 12 Darlings

By Joseph Nardone
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA deadline for players to throw their names in the draft hat has now officially passed (thank goodness). With the ability to better understand what teams are going to look like next season, it is become much simpler to figure out which teams will throw out competitive squads and who will be in rebuilding mode (recruiting still key).

For the Oklahoma State Cowboys, well, the draft deadline passed and they came away unscathed. After much debate, rumors and reported debacles, Marcus Smart is indeed returning for at least one more season with the program, meaning they have a potential National Player of the Year on their roster.

Not to mention, the Cowboys will also have one more year’s worth of service out of Markel Brown. With the Oklahoma State’s backcourt saying intact and likely only to improve, it is safe to assume that they might boast the finest combination of starting guards next season in the entire nation.

Then there is the story of who is likely their third best player, Le’Bryan Nash. Nash never got the pub that his teammates might have gotten, although that was not because he wasn’t special in his own right. In fact, Nash still has tremendous upside, and his versatility is something that can make Oklahoma State unique in the variety of ways they could put the ball in the basket.

Oklahoma State is probably going to be the preseason favorites to win the Big 12. Other programs are returning key personnel as well, but none of them have three players who are as proven as the Cowboys.

It is good to be a fan of the Cowboys right now. Enjoy it while you can, because the NBA will devour the talents of the program as soon as they are legally allowed to (I mean that in a nice way).


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