Ray McCallum Leaving for NBA Helps Detroit Titans Program

By Joseph Nardone
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

To say that many casual fans were unaware of the Detroit Titans and their awesomeness is the equivalent to saying that they were also aware that mashed potatoes are my favorite food — as in, none of you had the slightest idea. But that’s okay; it wasn’t as if you had a great chance to see them on your picture-box or find stuff on them on the worldwide-interweb.

For those of you who are unaware but would like to be, Detroit was as fun a team to watch in the country as any other in the nation. It featured guys who could jump over the backboard as well as a legitimate NBA-like player, Ray McCallum.

McCallum has officially entered his name in the NBA Draft despite being a projected second-round pick). While it might hurt the Titans in the immediate future, it could actually do wonders for the program in the long run.

No, I am not drunk nor did I sniff extra glue this morning while doing some arts and crafts. By McCallum going pro coupled with Detroit’s style of play likely to be thrust into the limelight when experts breakdown his game, the Titans are actually in a position where recruits will actually know stuff about their program. You know, stuff other than the program being located in Detroit.

By touting that you can get to the NBA by playing with the program and by making high school players realize that the Titans play an uptempo, player-friendly style of basketball, the recruiting trail for Detroit has gotten a lot less bumpy.

Will they capitalize on the quick, already-fading spotlight on the program? Who knows, but it sure as heck can’t hurt it.


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