Charges Against Little Used UConn Huskies Center Enosch Wolf Dropped

By Joseph Nardone
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

This past season was going to be a tough one for Kevin Ollie regardless of how well-prepared he may have been. Ollie was tasked with replacing Connecticut Huskies coaching legend, Jim Calhoun, all while staring sanctions right in the face and having limited depth in his rotation.

In fact, Ollie liked to play an uptempo style of basketball that would make missing 13 minutes per outing from a player a big blow to the rotation that he may have envisioned. Sadly, that is what happened when UConn center, Enosch Wolf, missed a slew of games because of police charges pressed against him.

The police responded to a call which ultimately resulted with Wolf being charged with burglary in the third degree, criminal trespass in the first degree and disorderly conduct. Which is not exactly how Ollie planned on Wolf using his 7-foot-1 frame to help the team.

Details of the arrest were originally murky as it was then reported that Wolf may have had an altercation with a female and possibly resisted arrest.

Fast-forward a few months later and charges have been dropped against Wolf. It was not because he was innocent, however. The charges were dropped because Wolf completed a slew of counselling and out-patient meetings that the court deemed enough to not go through with the charges.

Wolf has since promised that he would continue to go to the counselling even though it is no longer court-mandated. He has also apologized to his university, team and everyone within the community.


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