Green Bay Coach Brian Wardle Accused of Historically Awful Things

By Joseph Nardone
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Wisconsin-Green Bay coach, Brian Wardle, has done the unthinkable. Somehow, through a slew of accusations, Wardle has surpassed Mike Rice as a coach who has been accused of the worst things in the history of mankind. All of the accusations and info obtained for this article came to light thanks to a Green Bay Press Gazette report that you can find in full here.

As several players have come out against the coach’s behavior, a third has also joined the mounting debacle.

Ryan Bross joined the Wisconsin-Green Bay program as a walk-on. Being that he is 7-foot-1, everyone knew there was potential in him to be a player with impact down the road. Bross, however, is reportedly devoutly loyal to his religious beliefs and really wanted to earn his human biology degree — which seems like noble, simple things any person who attends college may strive to do.

Wardle, mind you, was none too thrilled with Bross’ decision to put school and religion in front of the team. According to Bross’ accusation, Wardle was unhappy with the classes he was going to take because it could alter his availability to the program down the road. Not to mention, Wardle also recommended, while using homophobic slurs, that he sleep with a girl to be a better player.

It gets even stranger from there. Again, reportedly, Wardle forced Bross to run sprints up a hill despite the player having diarrhea. According to the report, Wardle used Bross’ inability to handle doing the sprints while suffering from the stomach illness as a talking point all season long. There are quotes of exactly what Wardle said out for the public to read, although they are not suitable for print.

Some players on the team are denying the allegations mounting up against Wardle. The players who are, however, have declined to speak about the specifics due to the investigation that is going on.

If these reports are true or remotely accurate as to how Wardle conducts business, well, he should end up being fired very shortly. Still, the investigation process is currently in progress and no official stance has been made as of yet.

This is obviously a developing story and is currently being treated as just accusations. Keep checking in with Rant Sports as news continues to filter its way through the proper channels.


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