Angel Rodriguez Transferring to the Miami Hurricanes

By Joseph Nardone
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It only felt like hours ago (because it was) that I was pondering out loud how the Miami Hurricanes would fare next season without the services of Shane Larkin. Well, it seems like going without Larkin my prove to be a little easier than anyone could have expected just a short time ago.

Not too long ago, Angel Rodriguez announced he was transferring from the Kansas State Wildcats. The move came to many as a shock, considering Rodriguez was firmly implanted in a decent program and was certainly a star on campus.

Why uproot from such a terrific situation? Well, it was apparently to be closer to his home of Puerto Rico.

Would you like to know what is closer to Puerto Rico and is equals as far as program awesomeness as K-State? If you guessed Miami, well, you just won a fictional prize of eleventy dollars.

Jeff Goodman is citing sources that Rodriguez to the Hurricanes is a done deal. The next step for Rodriguez is to see if applying for a waiver would grant him immediate eligibility. Being that the NCAA is as backwards as a lobster wearing scuba diving dear, it is too hard to say what the future holds as far as Rodriguez’s chances to play right away.

Regardless, this is a huge get for Miami. With six of their top players gone to the pros or lost to eligibility, the Hurricanes have gaping holes in productivity that needed to be replaced. Rodriguez will provide an immediate impact to the production — well, that is providing the NCAA does not force him to sit out a year.


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