Former Rutgers Scarlet Knight Jerome Seagears Transferring to the Auburn Tigers

By Joseph Nardone
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When reporting on certain things, it is important to make sure your sources are solid. I mean, one bad source can give you ill-informed information that could make you look like a dumb-dumb. The game of knowing what source to trust and which to disregard is tougher than you would think.

Sometimes a source tells you something that is so juicy that it cannot possibly be true — then, you ignore it, only to be spurned when someone else goes all-in on a huge story you passed on. It really works both ways.

However, sometimes there is that can’t-miss source. You know he is as legit as they come. How can you know when a source is the real deal? Well, when the player themselves is the source, that is how:

Former Rutgers Scarlet Knights guard, Jerome Seagears, took to the mean streets of Twitter to make the announcement himself. With Seagears making the announcement himself, it is safe to assume the “source” who told us that he was going to play for the Auburn Tigers is as legit as they come.

The next move for Seagears is to apply for a waiver to play immediately. After the whole Mike Rice debacle, if this doesn’t count as a hardship waiver, I don’t know what does. Considering it is an NCAA rule though, one cannot assume anything as they are as backwards an organization that the world has ever known.


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