Indiana Hoosiers Guard Yogi Ferrell Rap Video

By Joseph Nardone
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It is hard out there on the mean streets of Twitter. No matter how talented you may be in your specific area of expertise, there is always another person who is much better than you. Don’t believe me? Just ask the guy in your mentions who is telling you how bad you are at being a doctor despite that person never getting past the seventh grade.

Still, some professions or hobbies are easier to make fun of or poke holes at than something as particular as being a doctor. One such thing is music — where one’s taste in music could determine if he or she thinks you are any good at the thing you are trying to do.

Take rap for example. Not the most popular genre of music, but it does have the most professional critics as well as folks on the Internet who “know” who has street cred and who does not.

Being that rap is that tough to break into it is probably a good thing that Indiana Hoosiers guard, Yogi Ferrell, got out of the rap game and focused on hoops. Apparently Ferrell’s rap career started and stopped around the sixth grade with this awesome mixtape:

This continues the long line of freshmen from this past season trying to make it as a recording artist at one point in their career. If you listen to Ferrell’s lyrics, however, I have a strange feeling Tom Crean may ask him to do a couple of extra sprints after a random practice this season.

I wonder how the mean streets will breakdown Ferrell’s lyrical ability and if they like his flow?


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