Kentucky Coach John Calipari Brags About "100%" Graduation Rate

By Joseph Nardone

Personally, I think John Calipari has never gotten any the credit that he has deserved for all the really good jobs he has done at each coaching stop he has been at. People would much prefer to poke fun at him for being like a car salesmen rather than give him respect for being able to connect with today’s youth — which ensures him top-tier recruiting classes year in and year out.

Another thing he does better than any other coach in college is that he preps the kids he recruits for, you know, the profession that they are striving to making a living in. For many of the players that Calipari recruits, that area of expertise happens to be professional hoops.

It is not that Calipari likes the rule or is somehow breaking it while other coaches are still trying to get a grip in it, but no one has embraced and handled the one and done rule better than the Kentucky Wildcats coach.

Still, Kentucky is a polarizing team and Calipari is equally as divisive. Many are constantly going through blogs, message boards and the mean streets of Twitter looking for dirt on them. Well, it looks like some info for those folk has come to light because of Calipari himself.

Cal wrote on his personal blog about graduating 100 percent of the kids eligible while at Kentucky. Factually, the way in which Calipari presented it, he is not wrong. He made it a point to say in his blog that the graduation rate was based off of kids who were eligible to graduate in their senior year — clearly living the one-and-done kids out of the mathematics.

If you like Kentucky, well, you will blindly follow his statements and ignore the fact that Calipari worded it in a way where “his numbers” would work. I mean, any coach can word something to make numbers add up as long as they leave the larger sample out of the mix. Only ten kids have graduated in Calipari’s tenure. How many have not because of early entry or transfers?

That is not a knock on Calipari at all — just pointing out Calipari’s absence of a decent enough sample-size while doing his percentages. It is the equivalent of a baseball player during a contract year asking for all his strikeouts not to matter just so his batting average looks better.

If you hate Kentucky, then this is proof to you that everything they do there is evil.

Well, shush. Calipari didn’t say anything wrong — even if it was misleading — all he did was talk up his graduation rates as any coach in the country would do if given a chance. Getting upset over him shading the numbers a little bit is like getting mad at your local bookie for having a vig.

It is what it is. Now move along and let us all wait to see what Andrew Wiggins is going to do.


Joe is a Senior Writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @JosephNardone

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