Oklahoma State Guard Marcus Smart will Carry Unrealistic Expectations

By Joseph Nardone
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

People tend to put expectations on someone else and when they don’t live up to them, they like to crush them for not living up to their other-worldly goals. If you are a top-tier freshman coming into a certain school, well, you better live up to all that hype that we put on you.

If not? Then we will call you a failure because we expected more out of you — completely ignoring the fact that we might have failed in how we graded you as a player.

Bluh, bluh and a bluh. Those are not the exact words that will describe Marcus Smart going into next season, but they will do.

Since Smart has decided to return to the Oklahoma State Cowboys, everyone and their mother has weighed in on if he made the right decision. They have also pointed out the obvious: that Smart is in a position where he could almost certainly only hurt is draft stock — which is true, but may not matter to Smart himself.

Now, we are busy proclaiming him as one of the front-runners for 2013-14 National Player of the Year, assuming he leads Oklahoma State to a Big 12 title and ‘knowing’ he will help the team make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

That is a lot of things to expect from one player. Granted, the Cowboys feature a slew of other talented players, but all the pressure is going to be put on Smart since he passed up being a top-5 draft pick and has returned to school.

If or when he doesn’t live up to all the unrealistic goals set out for him, we will call his decision to come back a failure and peg Smart as a dope. Guess what — all of the expectations we are putting on him are ours, not his, so maybe we are failing for setting the bar so humorously high.


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