Rysheed Jordan's Decision To Play For St. John's Red Storm Shows Program Is On Rise

By Trevor Lowry
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Could the St. John’s Red Storm be on the rise in college basketball? Well, if Rysheed Jordan is any indication, then that is a definite yes.

Jordan is a 5-star recruit and is one of the best freshman entering the 2013-14 college basketball season. Luckily for Steve Lavin and co., he will be playing for St. John’s. Lavin has done a great job of recruiting ever since taking over at the head coaching position, and this is his latest grab, which could possibly be his best recruit yet.

As high as the expectations have been for the Red Storm over the last couple of years, those expectations have not been met. In fact, St. John’s has actually been pretty disappointing. It did miss the 2013 NCAA Tournament and finished with a 17-16 record.

With so much talent coming back, though, and Jordan joining the team, next year could be the year that everything finally works out. Not to mention, Jordan coming to the school will help out future recruiting classes for St. John’s. With a great season for Jordan, top tier recruits will see that Lavin knows how to work with talent and can help develop the highest talent on the court.

However, I am sure fans are worried about the now and want to see their team succeed. Fear not Red Storm fans, next year will likely be the year where this team gets back on the map. However, by Jordan coming to the program, it shows that St. John’s is on the rise and could possibly be a powerhouse in college basketball in the near future. Although that may be jumping to conclusions, one 5-star recruit can make a big difference for any school.


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