What Chris Collins Needs To Do To Succeed at Northwestern Next Season

By Trevor Lowry


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Duke’s old assistant coach Chris Collins is the new head coach for the Northwestern Wildcats. However, he is taking over a team that has never made it to the NCAA Tournament, while the Blue Devils have been known to make the dance a time or two in their history. Although this program will not get turned around overnight, what are some short term goals that Collins can work on to have some success at Northwestern in the 2013-14 college basketball season?

Well, this is pretty basic. He can recruit some good players and help build a system around the team that he has. It is understandable that a coach likes to run a certain offense and defense, but sometimes you have to just take what you get and use it accordingly.

In Collins’ case, he needs to take Drew Crawford and turn him into a scoring machine. Crawford easily has the talent to lead the Big Ten in scoring, but it will be interesting to see how he comes back from his injury. In the little time that Crawford did play this season, he managed to score 13.5 points per game. However, he did average 16.1 points per game in his junior year.

Northwestern has put together some good teams while Crawford has been in a Wildcats uniform and he will be the most important player on this team.

It would be great if Collins could snag a decent recruit before the season begins, but we shall see. Just coaching for Duke will draw some attention from future recruits, and I am sure Collins learned a thing or two coaching next to Mike Krzyzewski. Among many other things, he needs to take what he learned from being an assistant and use that for Northwestern.

It is not easy taking over a program that has never danced before, but maybe Collins is the guy to get the Wildcats over that gigantic hump.


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