Cincinnati Bearcats will be the Hulk Hogan of the AAC

By Joseph Nardone
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Hulk Hogan was awesome? Wait, let me rephrase that. Remember when the Hulkster ran wild in Pro Wrestling and not on some radio personalty’s video? He was all kinds of cool for us old enough to remember.

Well, that was before we realized he was a fraud who never took legal vitamins or likely said his prayers before bedtime. He ruled the WWE when it was the WWF and when his competition was not as fierce in the 1980s.

Do you also remember the old Big East? Again, let me rephrase that one as well. Remember the American Athletic Conference — or what I like to call the Abomination All-Star Collaboration? With most of the talented teams leaving for greener pastures, some of the programs left are of the same quality as the pair of boxers you bought for a singular dollar.

Still, there a few programs left that are worth their salt. Two pop into my cranium immediately: the Cincinnati Bearcats and UConn Huskies. Why did only two come to mind? Well, because there is actually only two teams worth invading my already overfilled knowledge-dome.

Both programs have a chance to be as dominant as Hogan when he was in the WWF. UConn, however, is expected to escape from the league quicker than a Hogan challenger trying to run out of a ring while he was Hulking-up.

That leaves Cincy in a great — albeit semi-pointless — position. The Bearcats can run roughshod over this league as long as they want to. Outside of the Huskies, there is not a program in the league who has the coach, players or the money to compete with Mick Cronin and the boys.

While no one will applaud them for defeating something call the Tulane Green Wave on the regular — it is better than wallowing around in mediocrity in a power-conferece.

The new face off the AAC is Hulk, um, the Cincinnati Bearscats. So I ask you Mike Aresco: What are you going to do brother, when Cronin runs wild over your abomination of a league?


Joe is a Senior Writer for Rant Sports who used Mike Aresco’s inability to have an ability to make Hulk Hogan references. Follow him on Twitter @JosephNardone

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