Even More Layers being added to UW-Green Bay Brian Wardle Debacle

By Joseph Nardone
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

If you are not all caught up on your UW-Green Bay Phoenix-related fiasco, you should probably read this first.

Or if you prefer, here is a quick recap: Head coach Brian Wardle has been accused of making a player run sprints despite defecation issues, then used it against his player. To the very same player, he also recommended that he sleep with a woman to improve his game (mind you, that player is very religious). Finally, again to same player, he was mad because he put school in front of basketball.

There is more, alas a lot of it is not fit to print or read.

Despite all of the allegations against Wardle, some of his players recently stuck up for the man. Two of his better players took to the radio and called the allegations lies while claiming Wardle was a good man. Because everyone is starting to know better, however, most of us was waiting for another shoe to drop.

Well, it has in the form of an ex-player who has also come out against Wardle, making it two players who has accused the coach of being a jerk. Brennan Cougill already filed a complain about Wardle, but has only recently taken to the media to voice his complains.

Basically, Cougill said the two players who stuck up for the coach were not in the area when Wardle made Ryan Bross run until he defecated in his pants. Cougill spoke to the newspaper who originally reported the Bross story and has been breaking the story at every turn (read it in full here).

These are obviously allegations of abuse as well as possible horrible-human-of-the-decade types of things. Still, these are only allegations at this point and an independent investigator is looking into this whole debacle.


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