UNLV Shows Design for a Unique Jerry Tarkanian Statue

By Joseph Nardone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple websites and newspapers recently reported that the UNLV Rebels would be building a statue of their legendary coach, Jerry Tarkanian. What was not known at the time of the announcement was the sheer brilliance of the design of the statue. I mean it is out of this world, incredibly clever and brilliant.

The best part of the statue’s design is clearly the towel in Tarkanian’s mouth — which just so happens to be his trademark. Apparently, the towel-in-mouth routine started while Tark was in high school and did it so he would not have to go to a water fountain on the regular. It can also be safe to assume that it was also done to limit bathroom breaks as well.

Tarkanian was a master coach in his heyday. Known as much for the controversy surrounding him as well as the great talent he always lured into the program, Tark never missed a beat or let rumors surrounding hot tubs keep him down. Not to mention, he never seemed to be a big fan of the NCAA in general — so he gets extra awesome points in my book.

The statue’s estimated cost is nearly $150,000 and is part of the Jerry Tarkanian Legacy Project, which is the university’s way of honoring a man who helped them accomplish multiple trips to the Final Four. The announcement of the statue is coming on the heels of Tarkanian also being announced as part of the upcoming Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame class.

For those of you who are too young to remember him, all you need to know is that Tarkanian was as awesome as clouds are in the sky. As in, it is a fact that Tark was awesome — a fact!


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