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What the USC Trojans Need To do To Compete

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The USC Trojans will have a new head coach on the sidelines next season in Andy Enfield. Getting a quality coach is a huge step for this program, but it will still be a process until USC can compete in college basketball.

Having a good system is one thing and it will be interesting to see if Enfield can have success in the Pac-12. However, landing a big-time recruit will be very important for the Trojans. The last time they did that, things worked out pretty well. O.J. Mayo may have only played one season for USC, but what a season it was.

Not to mention, getting one big recruit will usually lead to another one in the near future.

For the time being, Enfield has to use his players based on their strengths. Over time, Enfield will recruit players that will fit into his system, but that will likely take a couple of seasons.

A 9-9 conference record is not the worst in the world and it is definitely something a coach like Enfield can improve on.

A couple of 3-star recruits will be joining the team next season. Who knows how these players will be used or if they will even receive a significant amount of playing time, but it will be important for Enfield to develop these players for the future.

If Enfield can have success in his first season at USC and at least compete in the Pac-12, many players are going to want to play for the Trojans. Their football team is already one of the best on a yearly basis, so who is to say that the same thing can’t happen with the basketball program? Although that will take a lot for that to happen, it all starts at the coaching position.


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