Northwestern Wildcats Finished Season Terribly

By Trevor Lowry
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Northwestern Wildcats did not have a good season whatsoever, but they definitely finished the 2012-13 college basketball season on a horrible not.

First off, it was bad enough that the Wildcats lost their best player in Drew Crawford. Luckily, he will be back next season.

What really turned this season from bad to worse was the nine-game losing streak to end the year. I understand that the Wildcats did not have a good team, but how do you lose nine games in a row in your conference?

What makes this even more of a head-scratcher was the fact that Northwestern was able to beat Illinois (on the road), Minnesota and Purdue this season. Those may have not been the top dogs in the Big Ten, but if you can beat Illinois and Minnesota, you should not lose nine games to end the season. Purdue had a down year, but even the Boilermakers finished with eight wins in conference play.

I understand that the Big Ten was not an easy conference to play in this season and the Wildcats lost their best player, but what a disappointing season it was for Northwestern.

Northwestern did not start off conference play well by any means, but it was still able to beat some quality opponents before its huge losing streak at the end of the season. This should not happen for any school playing in a power conference, but it is what it is.

Hopefully, for the sake of this program, it will do much better next season and actually make it to the NCAA Tournament, since that has never happened for this school.


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