SEC Network will Change the Georgia Bulldogs

By Joseph Nardone
Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has been made about the TV deal between the SEC and ESPN. The contract calls for the network to carry 20 years of the conference’s games. Contrary to where all the focus is on, the SEC Network’s biggest impact might be on every sport outside of football.

The league already pays their football coaches more money than you can shake a stick at (why would you shake a stick at that?). It should go without saying that the programs will likely pay their coaches even more handsomely and in return, the league will be even more dominant for the years to come.

However, the impact it should have in all other sports is mind-boggling. Considering my readership does not care for Olympic sports, let us focus on college basketball — using the Georgia Bulldogs as an example.

The SEC hoops league is no joke, either. In fact, it is not some bottom-feeder of a league where only a few schools run rampant. While all the attention goes to more basketball-friendly conferences, the SEC has proved they could play with the big boys. Now, with the SEC Network bringing even more attention and ungodly sums of money, universities can now afford to hire top-notch football coaches as well as their basketball counterparts.

Georgia is no slouch when it comes to football, although their basketball program could use some work. I am not saying it is time to fire their head coach (only one postseason appearance), but with a new influx of money coming in, they might just find a bigger-name coach more attractive.

Am I over-hyping the SEC Network deal too much? You bet your sweet rear. Regardless, the conference will now have even more money, which opens up even more avenues for world domination. While other conferences have networks, they are only regional as the SEC’s will be broadcast on a national level.

Do I fear the SEC taking over the world? Um, I am too afraid to answer that as they have eyes everywhere. I don’t want to anger my future world leaders before they even take the throne.

Hail King Nick Saban?


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